jeudi 23 janvier 2014


I am very happy to show you this collaboration canvas sneaker I've made with the cool artist designed shoes brand BucketFeet. They contacted me last summer and proposed a design for their Summer 2014 artist series.

I am always trying to make links (jumps!) between design and traditional, material based media. 
To create this pattern, I painted very freely with color ink on watercolor paper then remixed and collaged it digitally.
Turned out exactly how I wanted  : a mosaic, colorful and rich print to dress your feet like jewels ! 

Here's a shot of the final artwork picked for this canvas shoe ! 

Thank you to all the BucketFeet team for giving me this super opportunity ! It is refreshing to know brands that celebrate the artist. Check out their website for a lot of unique, artist designed cool sneakers !! Stay tuned for more info about this collaboration.

samedi 18 janvier 2014


J'ai fait ce foulard en soie, c'est brillant et tout doux ! J'adore récupérer des accessoires emblématiques d'une autre génération pour les remettre au goût du jour !

Bisous à toutes les mamies ;)

Foulard en soie 50x50, traité et peint à la main.
En vente ici

I made this silk foulard, its soft and shiny ! I enjoy recovering iconic accessories and "update" them ! 
Hand painted silk foulard, 50x50 cm. 
For sale here

mercredi 1 janvier 2014


Résolution n°1 : HABILLE TON COU ;)

Juste besoin d'un patron de col et d'une compréhension du verbe "emboîter" !

Et voilà : Le col escalier !!
Je le vends ici !

Resolution n°1 : DRESS YOUR NECK

It just takes a collar pattern, and a sense of fitting :)

Et voilà : The Stairs Collar !!
I'm selling these here !