jeudi 23 janvier 2014


I am very happy to show you this collaboration canvas sneaker I've made with the cool artist designed shoes brand BucketFeet. They contacted me last summer and proposed a design for their Summer 2014 artist series.

I am always trying to make links (jumps!) between design and traditional, material based media. 
To create this pattern, I painted very freely with color ink on watercolor paper then remixed and collaged it digitally.
Turned out exactly how I wanted  : a mosaic, colorful and rich print to dress your feet like jewels ! 

Here's a shot of the final artwork picked for this canvas shoe ! 

Thank you to all the BucketFeet team for giving me this super opportunity ! It is refreshing to know brands that celebrate the artist. Check out their website for a lot of unique, artist designed cool sneakers !! Stay tuned for more info about this collaboration.

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